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Cliff Barnsby - Handmade in England

Under the world famous 'Cliff Barnsby' brand name Jabez Cliff & Company Ltd supplies the finest saddlery and bridlework all over the world.
Cliff Barnsby All Purpose Saddles

Raven Price: POA
Designed to accommodate the conformation of the high-withered horse this deep-seated, round cantled saddle can be used for a wide range of activities. Built on a modern general purpose tree with 7cm(3") full cut back head, to provide horse comfort combined with rider stability, this excellent saddle comes with wool-flocked panels that offer a broad bearing surface. The Raven comes with general purpose knee block and standard length girth billets.

Cliff Barnsby Dressage Saddles

N-Gage Price: POA
This top of the range dressage model is Barnsby`s most technically advanced dressage saddle. Constructed on a radically new tree to accommodate the confirmation of the modern dressage horse. A wide arch and flared, reverse points allow maximum lateral bend and flexing. The N-Gage provides optimum ergonomic fit for both horse and rider. Features include a triple foam cushion seat and preformed large knee block with super soft knee pad. The hand stitched, wide bearing surface, wool-flocked panel provides maximum feel without compromising horse comfort.

MKII - Raven Price: POA
A deep-seated dressage saddle with 7cm (3") full cutback head which makes it ideal for high withered horses. Features include a shaped knee wedge to assist the rider`s position and a wool- flocked half panel to ensure freedom of the horses shoulder. The Barnsby Humane Girthing System secures the saddle comfortably in place, whilst the standard deep rear gusset allows the Raven exceptional fitting capability.

Cadence Price: POA
Designed in conjunction with leading European dressage trainers the Cadence saddle offers all the technical aspects required of today`s competitor. A deep secure seat built on a semi cutback warmblood tree that is designed to promote freedom of the shoulder, flexing and natural bend. The flap and kneeblock positioning allow for optimum leg support, whilst the broad bearing surface close- contact panel allows the rider maximum feel.

Luxus Price: POA
A close-contact dressage saddle with continental styling which was designed with input from elite German riders. A specially designed dressage tree promotes freedom of the shoulder, flexion and lateral bend. A 15cm (6") extended stirrup bar assists the rider to attain the ideal seat and leg position whilst large sculptured knee block and machined kneepad give optimum leg support. To ensure maximum comfort for the horse the saddle has a quilted broad bearing surface and humane "D" girthing arrangement with the point strap extending from below the knee block. A close-contact dressage panel allows the rider maximum feel.

The EVOLUTION 3-1 Price: POA
Barnsby`s Evolution competition dressage saddle. Available in three designs catering for different types of leg positioning. Featuring a specially designed dressage tree that promotes freedom of the shoulder, flexing and lateral bend. To ensure maximum comfort for the horse, the saddle has a broad bearing surface panel.

Cliff Barnsby Jumping Saddles

Milton PRO-SEAT Price: POA
The ultimate close-contact jumping saddle. The ideal hunter jumper saddle with narrow twist, featuring French calf preblocked kneepads and a seat finished with a contoured seam. The Pro-Seat is equally adept for the eventing rider. This top of the range saddle offers a broad bearing surface with a choice of either hand-crafted felt and latex foam, or traditional wool-flocked, close-contact panel.

Rene Tebbel Price: POA
The ultimate close-contact wool-flocked jumping saddle by Barnsby. Designed and used by Rene Tebbel, leading German rider. Featuring a pre-blocked kneepad, soft seat and close-contact jumping panel design, the Rene Tebbel is a well honed homogenisation designed for the serious competitor.

Skelton Price: POA
A straighter flap design, ideal for flat or jump work. Featuring a comfortable soft kneepad plus French knee and calf blocks and double density foam seat cushion. The cut back pommel gives greater wither clearance, close-contact panels are flocked with natural wool and forward girthing arrangement keeps the saddle comfortably in place.

Original Milton Price: POA
The original close-contact jumping saddle. This saddle has traditional forward cut flap and super soft latex seat with non-slip waxed leather covering. Features include preformed knee wedge and optional calf block. Soft padded flaps and handcrafted felt and latex foam panel combine comfort with security.

Schockemoehle Price: POA
The ultimate deep seat jumping saddle of German design, the Classic features extra large knee and calf blocks to give the rider a secure position yet allow freedom of movement over fences to stay in optimum balance with the horse. The Professional caters for the rider with a larger more forward flap and panel position, whilst the Classic Short caters for the competitor who requires less flap and panel position. All feature a super soft foam seat cushion and soft comfortable kneepad. Built on a tree specifically designed to accommodate the forward position of the jump rider yet allow the unimpeded movement of the horse`s shoulder and forehand, the saddle comes with a choice of hand- crafted felt and latex foam or natural wool-flocked panels.

Cliff Barnsby Event Saddles

Diablo Price: POA
The ultimate close-contact eventing saddle. A true cross country saddle offering excellent seat security together with all the advantages of a traditional close-contact jump model. Designed to ensure both horse and rider perform at their best.

Aurora Price: POA
With a more forward position than the Hunter model the Aurora Event is the sports model within the classic Aurora range. Quite simply it is the best manufactured Event saddle in the world. Using full grain natural vegetable tanned leather and soft French calf, brought together with exquisite stitching on the outside accompanied with stitched webs, hand stuffed bellies and 3 seat cushions on the inside makes the Aurora Event unmatched in manufacturing quality. With a truly deep seated tradition the saddle designers at Barnsby alongside leading dressage trainers have created the perfect dressage that brings together in perfect harmony the close contact narrow waist feel of a close contact saddle with the broad openness and balance of a dressage saddle. With contoured kneepad and block for a seamless leg position to the very effective Lonsdale girthing system that provides secure location. Manufactured using full grain natural tanned leather and soft French calf the Aurora dressage is arguably the most perfectly made dressage saddle in the world.

Bridlework & Accessories

A selection of Saddle and Bridle Accessories are available. If you would like to purchase or dicuss any accessories please contact us.

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